Forex Companies in the Commonwealth of Dominica

Due to a recent surge in third parties queries regarding the status of Forex companies registered in Dominica, we would like to inform and advise all interested persons that the Laws of the Commonwealth of Dominica do not provide a regulatory framework and do not regulate Forex brokerage and/or other Forex related services in the Commonwealth of Dominica and or abroad.

Please be fully aware that the laws of the Commonwealth of Dominica do not recognise Forex services as a separate line of business and as a result there are no laws, statutory rules or orders, code of conduct, licensing provisions or consumer/investor protection schemes in place.

Any investor who desires to invest with or via a Forex/Option trading platform with any entity registered under the laws of the Commonwealth of Dominica are therefore advised that such entity is not operating Forex related services under a license issued by the Commonwealth of Dominica’s regulatory authority, the Financial Services Unit and that such entity is not authorised by the said authority to conduct such services. The full list of the licenced Dominica-registered financial services providers can be found at: http://fsu.gov.dm

In light of the above, we strongly recommend that you exercise due caution, diligence and restraint in your financial dealings and you would be well advised against depositing any funds or accepting any investment proposals from the entities which are not duly listed as licensed on the Financial Services Unit’s webpage as you may expose yourself to the unregulated investment activity and potential fraudulent investment schemes.

As a registered agent, we assume no responsibility for any losses or claims nor are we able to provide any recovery of your funds.

Should you come into the knowledge of or have occasion to interact with any international business company registered under the laws of the Commonwealth of Dominica with registered address at 3rd Floor, C&H Towers, Great Marlborough and Great George Streets, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, which is rendering or offering any Forex investment services or you have been approached by any such entity or its representatives or agents, we kindly ask that you inform us immediately by email: [email protected] and refrain from accepting any services from them.


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